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Top 11 Honeymoon Destinations in Nebraska

Here's what you need to know...
  • Nebraska honeymoon destinations can suit any style and any budget
  • Your honeymoon will be better if you’re prepared for the unexpected with insurance
  • Getting married can be beneficial for your insurance policy

While often overlooked as a honeymoon spot, Nebraska provides excellent opportunities for you to hide out with your new spouse.

The rugged landscapes, small-town charm and easy city conveniences that are all around Nebraska are a huge draw for honeymooners. You can enjoy a unique honeymoon spot while making memories to last a lifetime in Nebraska.

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11 Honeymoon Destinations in Nebraska

No matter what your reasons are for choosing Nebraska as your perfect honeymoon spot, you’ll be able to find a great place to stay. There are different resorts throughout the state that can fit your needs no matter what they are.

#11 – Marina Inn Hotel in South Sioux City

Setting: Luxury Hotel in a City with Small Town Charm
Highlights: The hotel sits on the banks of the Missouri Rivera and is just moments from Iowa.
Cost: $93 to 179

The Marina Inn sits at the Northeastern tip of Nebraska. It is located in South Sioux City and just a few minutes’ drive from Iowa.

It is also close to South Dakota for anyone who is looking to adventure to a different state while on their honeymoon. You can visit the casino across the river or eat at Kahills restaurant in the hotel

The cost for a riverside suite ranges between around $93 and $179 depending on when you are staying. The hotel also offers discounts for military families, club members and those who are booking a package. Prices for Queen Deluxe and King Deluxe suites are usually toward the higher end of pricing.

While the Marina Inn does not offer a honeymoon package, they do have specials for guests who are staying at the hotel and playing at the Hard Rock Casino.

While their packages vary depending on the time of year, you can often save up to $100 when you purchase a play package from the Marina Inn. The stay and play package also includes credits for the casino, complimentary coffee and shuttle services.

No matter your honeymoon budget, you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy the getaway at the Marina Inn.

#10 – The Cambridge Bed and Breakfast

AdobeStock_7670214-1600x1600Setting: Charming Inn Located in a Small Town
Highlights: The bed and breakfast offers dining options as well as a great shopping atmosphere.
Cost: $120

The Cambridge Bed and Breakfast has an atmosphere that is made to help you feel like you are secluded from the world. It is ideal for honeymoons because of the location and the ability to truly relax with your new spouse. The shopping district of Cambridge is within walking distance.

Rates vary depending on the time of year, but the average is around $120 per night. It is a budget-friendly inn. The inn does not have honeymoon packages, but some suites are better suited to honeymooners.

#9 – Red Cloud Bed and Breakfast

Setting: Small Town Bed and Breakfast with a Homey Feel
Highlights: The Kaley House offers privacy in a setting that allows you to tune out of the hustle and bustle.
Cost: $135

The Red Cloud B&B at the Kaley House is located in South Central Nebraska. It is a charming historic house that has been transformed into a beautiful destination. The bed and breakfast provides the privacy most honeymooners are looking for.

Prairie Plum Coffee, antique shopping and Shades West are just a few of the locations you can take in while you are visiting Red Cloud.

The bed and breakfast offers dining options for breakfast, you may want to venture into the small town to see what the 1,020 people who live there have to offer.

An average room at the Kaley House costs $135 per night. The bed and breakfast does not currently offer any honeymoon-specific packages, but they will help you put a package together that suits all your needs. Their customized packages can include wine, chocolates, flowers and anything else that could make your honeymoon more special.

Their customized packages can include wine, chocolates, flowers and anything else that could make your honeymoon more special. To help accommodate all budgets, the Kaley House offers discounts for guests who are staying three or more nights.

#8 – Magnolia Hotel Omaha

Setting: Located in Nebraska’s Largest City
Highlights: The hotel is close to all the action in Omaha and gives you everything you need right at the tip of your fingers.
Cost: $90 to $269

The Magnolia Hotel Omaha is located in the heart of downtown Omaha. It is a big city hotel, but it still offers you all the amenities that come with a boutique hotel.

The hotel offers room service, shuttle service and happy hour at the bar. For two hours every evening, you can enjoy fresh-baked cookies that are compliments of the hotel. You can also enjoy the valet parking and pet-friendly attitude at Magnolia.

Each room and suite has a vastly different cost to accommodate every budget. Most of the rooms are in the $150 range, but can go as low as in the 90’s or even as high as $269.

Suites will cost more than any of the other rooms. Since the Magnolia does not offer honeymoon packages, you may want to consider one of the suites so you can have the most luxurious experience.

#7 – The Rogers House Bed and Breakfast Inn

Setting: Tucked Away on a Tree-Lined Quiet Street in Lincoln
Highlights: The bed and breakfast offers private rooms, exceptional food and options for people who are there on a honeymoon.
Cost: $120 to $150

The Rogers House Bed and Breakfast Inn is located within the capital city of Nebraska and provides guests with a charming experience.

Lincoln is just outside the walls, but you will feel as though you’ve stepped into a private home right outside the city action. There are golf courses and the city is just a short walk from the bed and breakfast. The inn provides all meals.

The inn has rooms for each budget because the average cost is around $120 per night. It is more affordable to stay on weekdays, and the inn has rates for people who are staying more than three nights. There are no official honeymoon packages, but you can book one of two Jacuzzi suites for $150 per night.

#6 – Hyatt Place Omaha

Setting: Big City Convenience in a Sleek, Modern Hotel
Highlights: The hotel offers dining options all hours of the day and provides you with access right in the center of downtown Omaha.
Cost: $199 to $269

The Hyatt Place Omaha is a truly modern hotel. It is in the center of the city and you can step right out into the big city atmosphere of Omaha. The hotel provides shuttle service from the hotel, 24/7 dining options, a pool and valet parking.

The rates for the hotel average around $199 per night, but can be less expensive during the week. There are no honeymoon packages, but the suites can be used for your honeymoon. The average cost of a suite is around $269, giving you different options for different budgets.

# 5 – Heartland Elk Guest Ranch

rafting-2071892_1920-1600x1600Setting: Ruggedly Wild Nebraska Outdoors
Highlights: The ranch is located just south of South Dakota and provides an excellent location for those who love the great outdoors.
Cost:$135 to $310

The Heartland Elk Guest Ranch is a hideout in the wilds of Valentine, Nebraska. It is a destination that boasts it is the Nebraska nobody knows about.

You can enjoy doing things like hiking, fishing and biking. The hotel has also teamed up with river adventures for boating and floating.

Cabins sleep up to 14 people and can cost up to $310 per night. The studio apartment cabin that most honeymooners choose is $135 per night. Even though there is no honeymoon package, you can tailor your stay to suit your honeymoon experience.

#4 – Burchell’s White Hill


Setting: A Green Farm in Central Nebraska
Highlights: The farm boasts farm-like living, tours of the gardens and a green lifestyle.
Cost: $120

Burchell’s White Hill Inn gives its guests the best of relaxed farm living. It is located just outside of the small town of Minden, Nebraska.

Visitors can enjoy the offerings of the farm, the complimentary breakfast and the quaint shops all around downtown Minden.

The farm has an earth-friendly policy and caters to those who have the same mindset. The costs per night is $120 for any of the rooms at the farm.

Each room has the same amenities to provide guests with everything they need. The inn does not have anything to offer for honeymoon packages, but they can usually help you prepare something special before your honeymoon.

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# 3 – Hotel Deco Omaha

Setting: Landmark Hotel in Uptown Omaha
Highlights: The hotel provides luxury services to those who are visiting Omaha.
Cost: $200

The Hotel Deco Omaha is a hotel that caters to those who want luxury and the convenience of downtown Omaha. It is a large city hotel with a setting that feels like you are the only guest there.

The hotel staff caters to all of the people who they work with and provide their guests with the best experience possible. There is a restaurant with room service located in the hotel and access to various museums throughout Omaha.

Prices for the Hotel Deco Omaha generally start at $200 per night but can be lower depending on the time of the year and night of the week. All prices include complimentary services.

The in-room massage service offered by the hotel can make your honeymoon more romantic even though they don’t have honeymoon-specific packages.

# 2 – Cornerstone Mansion in Omaha

AdobeStock_133342591-1600x1600Setting: Just Outside all the Action in Omaha
Highlights: A private bed and breakfast offering charm and big city convenience.
Cost: $100 to $150

The Cornerstone Mansion in Omaha is the place to take your honeymoon if you want to enjoy a private bed and breakfast without having to sacrifice the convenience that comes with a big city.

Even though it is in Omaha, it offers you the chance to feel like you are alone in a small town. The rooms at the Cornerstone Mansion are made to feel homey so you can get that private feeling.

The bed and breakfast is within walking distance to most Omaha attractions and provides breakfast and other meals.

The bed and breakfast costs anywhere between $100 and $150 per night. The costs may vary depending on the length of your stay and the days you plan to stay. The innkeepers would be happy to put together honeymoon packages that are customized to each guest.

#1 – Slattery Vintage Estates

AdobeStock_8889825-1600x1600Setting: Small Town Vineyard
Highlights: Enjoy accommodations, a vineyard, and a nearby small town.
Cost: $50 to $95

Slattery Vintage Estates is a lodging destination and vineyard with a tasting room for all guests. They offer different lodging options for their guests including an exciting glamping opportunity that is unique to their location.

Guests can enjoy the grounds of the vineyard, visit the tasting room and dine at the establishment. They can also head out to the small town and see what Eastern Nebraska has to offer.

The rates for Slattery are made to suit any budget and range from $50 per night to $95 per night. The rates for glamping are made for budget visitors and are less than staying in the bungalows on the property. The vineyard can help you plan your honeymoon getaway.

Traveling Safely in Nebraska

The right type of coverage can make your honeymoon to Nebraska more enjoyable. If you have the right car insurance for the state, you won’t have to worry about whether you are protected in case something happens.

Nebraska’s state minimums include $25,000 for bodily injury of a single person or property damage and $50,000 in coverage for more than one person in a vehicle. Don’t choose your coverage based on the minimums.

Talk to several insurance agents to figure out which coverage is going to be best for your needs, you should generally be covered higher than the state minimums.

If you want to be sure you are getting the best deal, don’t focus primarily on cost of the insurance. Instead, compare different policies from three or four different agencies. Once you have your insurance policy, review it twice a year to ensure you are getting the best deal for the price you are paying.

– Getting Married Can Affect Your Cost

AdobeStock_87503421-1600x1600People who are married save more money on auto insurance. When you first get married, there is so much to do with paperwork, but don’t put off combining your auto insurance since you can save money on the policy.

If you already had a policy with your fiancé, be sure to tell your insurance company that you’re married to cash in on discounts.

Best Nebraska Honeymoon

There are a few things that will help you have the best honeymoon in Nebraska. Get a tune-up on your car before you take the trip and be prepared with extra money for any additional costs you may have while traveling.

Since cell coverage in Nebraska can be spotty, don’t rely only on GPS, have your trip mapped on an actual map in case something goes wrong and always keep an emergency kit in your car. Don’t miss out on our free insurance comparison tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!

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