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Top 10 Places to Get Married in Nebraska

Here's what you need to know...
  • Nebraska is home to several stunning indoor and outdoor wedding destinations, making this a suitable wedding location year-round
  • If you plan to drive throughout Nebraska, you need to ensure that your car insurance policy complies with state requirements, and you should follow essential safe driving tips
  • Your car insurance rates may change after you get married, so you should notify your provider of this important change
Planning a wedding may be one of the most exciting yet challenging activities that will demand your attention throughout your relationship.

You understandably want all aspects of the event to be perfect, and a critical aspect associated with pulling off a beautiful event that lives up to your dreams and expectations is choosing the right location and venue for the ceremony and reception.

Nebraska is a wonderful destination to consider for locals as well as for those looking for a gorgeous destination wedding location. Make sure you are covered with the best rate for auto coverage with our free quote tool above! 

In Nebraska, you can find many gorgeous destinations that are ideal for almost any type of wedding plans you may have in mind.

From beautiful outdoor destinations that take full advantage of the natural beauty of Nebraska to swanky vintage or modern indoor locations, you can easily create the perfect wedding experience in this state.

10 Places to Get Married in Nebraska

When looking for the best places to get married in Nebraska, these venues should be at the top of your list.

#10 – River Inn and Spirit of Brownville

Cost: Varies based on numerous factors
Setting: A paddleboat and inn on the Missouri River
Accommodates: 150 guests

For a truly unique destination wedding in Nebraska, the River Inn and Spirit of Brownsville is a lovely option to consider.

This paddleboat departs from a lovely marina deck in Brownsville, and it features 18 spacious guest rooms for overnight events as well as several large indoor and outdoor group meeting areas.

You could get married outdoors while floating on the Missouri River, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery while enjoying the day with family and friends. Catered meals are served in an elegant dining area.

# 9 – Haymarket Square

dining-table-94258_1920-1600x1600Cost: Varies based on the room selected
Setting: Spacious event hall with an antiquated, rustic ambiance
Accommodates: Up to 285 guests

Haymarket Square is a gorgeous event hall that is characterized by exposed interior timber and bricks. There are three lovely meeting rooms that you can choose from, depending on the number of guests that you plan to invite.

Haymarket Square does not require you to use their food and drink catering service, and this makes it easier for you to control the menu and budget for your event.

In addition, several guest rooms are available on-site that are ideal for pre-wedding events as well as for the bride and groom to spend their first night together as a married couple.

#8 – Divots Conference Center

AdobeStock_87503421-1600x1600 (1)

Cost: Varies based on the space reserved for the event
Setting: Full-service resort hotel that offers indoor and outdoor event space
Accommodates: Flexible

Divots Conference Center is located on-site at a large resort, providing you and your guests with ample accommodations for overnight stays.

The conference center has multiple rooms and ballrooms that could be reserved based on the size of your guest list, and the largest space available is 21,000 square feet.

Outdoor space is also available for a beautiful summer wedding. With on-site catering, decorating assistance, and more provided, this venue strives to take the hassle and stress out of planning your big event.

#7 – Founders One Nine

shoes-2764813_1920Cost: Varies based on event size and catering option selected
Setting: Sophisticated urban event space
Accommodates: Up to 400 guests

Founders One Nine is located in the heart of a trendy Omaha district, and it boasts an upscale, urban flair that appeals to brides and grooms planning a modern event.

The building was constructed in 1920, and while it retains much of its historic charm, it also has modern flair throughout the space.

Several event rooms are available to meet your needs, and the venue can accommodate up to 400 guests comfortably. Couples are required to order catering service through the on-site catering menu, and there are many delicious options available to meet most needs and budgets.

#6 – Valley Event Center

glasses-2119604_1920-1600x1600Cost: Varies based on several factors
Setting: Affordable event space with flexible decorating options
Accommodates: Up to 200 guests

The Valley Event Center is a flexible event space that is located in the small community of Gering, and it is the ideal option to consider when you are looking for a budget-minded way to host a large event.

The meeting space features beautiful wood floors to give the space a refined look, and you can choose your own décor, catering service, entertainment, and more, to create the perfect wedding and reception experience.

#5 – Niobrara State Park

cabin-2261205_1920-1600x1600Cost: Varies based on cabin rentals, season, and other factors
Setting: Gorgeous outdoor destination at the convergence of two rivers
Accommodates: Flexible

Niobrara State Park is located in the northeastern region of Nebraska at the convergence of the Missouri and Niobrara Rivers. The landscape is characterized by stunning river views, bluffs, and trees.

You and your guests can enjoy a day-event outdoors at several scenic locations overlooking the rivers, or you can even stay overnight in the cabins or campsites for a more rustic, relaxed wedding experience.

All catering and other services must be arranged on your own.

#4 – Stuhr Museum

Bride and groom_78483019-1600x1600Cost: Varies based on the space reserved for the event
Setting: Several unique indoor and outdoor spaces
Accommodates: Up to 1,000 for an outdoor event

The Stuhr Museum is located in Grand Island, and it is open for weddings and receptions only during the warmer months of the year. You can choose to exchange vows in the small chapel on-site, in a gorgeous outdoor arbor area accentuated with ducks and other wildlife, or indoors.

Several indoor spaces are suitable for your reception, or you can enjoy a more relaxed outdoor reception near the well-maintained, historic barn.

#3 – Lied Lodge

Cost: $2,500 to more than $3,500
Setting: Several unique indoor and outdoor locations that boast upscale, rustic charm
Accommodates: More than 200 guests for outdoor venues

Lied Lodge sits in beautiful Nebraska City, and it boasts impressive indoor and outdoor venues to choose from.

This includes several outdoor locations at the Arbor Lodge State Historical Park as well as on the Hazelnut Lawn near the main lodge. Indoor accommodations include Morton Barns and a few distinctive event rooms inside the lodge. Catering is not included in the event price.

#2 – Scottsbluff Barn Anew

Cost: Varies based on dates and size of your event
Setting: Charming inn overlooking Scotts Bluff
Accommodates: Up to 200 guests

Scottsbluff Barn Anew is located on the grounds of a historic inn, providing you with a rustic ambiance for the perfect outdoor event.

Event space can be reserved from April through October, and weddings are hosted on a well-maintained lawn boasting 100-year old trees and overlooking the bluff. A sound system and chairs are included in the price of the wedding package.

#1 – Superior Estate Winery

AdobeStock_8889825-1600x1600Cost: Varies based on event size and season
Setting: Gorgeous winery with decadent hall
Accommodates: More than 200 guests

At Superior Estate Winery, you can choose to host your wedding and reception in the Chancellor Hall, which holds up to 200 people and has access to an outdoor patio area to accommodate even more guests, or the Cellar, which accommodates up to 40 guests.

From many rooms of the winery, you can enjoy sweeping views of the vineyard.

Inside, you will find cathedral-style ceilings and warm wood tones throughout the space.

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Traveling Safely in Nebraska

The last thing you may want to think about when planning your big event is the possibility of being in a car accident, but accidents can happen at any time.

If you want to be fully prepared for all possibilities on your wedding day, you need to review your car insurance policy and follow safe driving tips.

Nebraska is an at-fault state, so you could hold other people liable for damages they cause to you in the event of negligence only.

Remember, however, that they could also hold you liable for damages if you are negligent in the event. With this in mind, it is imperative that you follow all reasonable safety tips to avoid accidents on your wedding day and on all other days.

– Required Minimum Auto Insurance in Nebraska

AdobeStock_92452708-1600x1600Buying car insurance is required in this state to ensure that you have the financial means to pay for damages you cause to others. The minimum coverage requirements in Nebraska include:

  • Bodily injury coverage of $25,000 per person
  • Bodily injury coverage of $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability coverage of $25,000

Shopping around to compare insurance rates is an excellent step to take if you want to keep costs low. In fact, because your insurance rates could decrease when you get married, it may make sense to explore all coverage options available from different providers at this time.

While it is important to save money on your Nebraska auto insurance policy, you also need to focus on each provider’s financial strength and reputation before deciding which policy to buy.

– Before Your Wedding

During the days leading up to your wedding, you should take a few extra steps to safeguard yourself while on the road.

For example, you can tune-up your car and load an emergency kit in your car. Even if you plan to rent a vehicle, you must take steps to ensure your safety and to obtain rental car insurance.

Remember that a vintage rental or a standard rental are both lovely options to consider that could accent your wedding day with an extra touch of luxury or charm.

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